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A comprehensive guide to hardwood garden furniture

Wooden garden furniture instantly adds a stunning extra dimension to your outdoor space, and hardwood garden furniture is the perfect choice to withstand all that our British weather can throw at it.

Before we examine the characteristics of hardwood furniture, it is important to understand what we mean by hardwood, as the term hardwood does not refer to the density of the timber, but rather to the characteristics of the trees it comes from.

What type of trees produce hardwood?

Hardwood comes from deciduous trees and as horticulturally the word deciduous means tending to fall off or falling off at maturity, trees that change colour in the autumn before shedding their leaves in the winter provide us with hardwood. Common types of hardwood include teak, oak, walnut and beech.

Why is hardwood used for garden furniture?

Hardwood is naturally very dense as the trees it comes from are slow-growing, and it is this that makes hardwood strong, and resistant to damage from daily wear and tear. As hardwoods also have a high level of water and rot resistance, they are well suited for any outdoor furniture which will be exposed to our contrary weather.

Characteristics of hardwood garden furniture

Hardwood garden furniture is not only beautiful, with its deep, warm colour, but it is also extremely durable and resilient, and is not prone to warping. It requires no treatment prior to use and is remarkably low maintenance in the long term; beyond regular cleaning and a lick of wood preserver if preferred, your hardwood furniture can be left untreated, to mature naturally over time. With the majority of hardwoods originating from tropical climates, they have a high oil content. This makes garden furniture crafted from hardwood not only resistant to damp and rain, but also largely impervious to insect infestation – great attributes for outdoor furniture.

Hardwood garden furniture from Witham Timber

For over 40 years, Witham Timber has been supplying quality timber garden products, and all our hardwood garden furniture is manufactured to the highest standards. We take our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously and only source our hardwoods from sustainable and managed sources, where young trees are planted to replace mature trees that are felled. Our product range has FSC certification C007915, and each step in the supply chain, from forest to garden destination is independently audited by experts.

Our entire hardwood garden furniture range offers a timeless and classic look and features pieces for all tastes, and every size and style of garden. Choose the traditional Adirondack Chair for a secluded reading nook in a sheltered spot, or how about the Willington Companion Seat for breakfast in the garden, or for those intimate tête-à-têtes with someone special? Busy families and those who enjoy entertaining will love the 8-seater Bali Set. Perfect for seating your family or guests in comfort and style, the set has six chairs plus two armchairs, and a parasol. The table is 6 feet in length but can be extended a further foot.

For any enquiries, or to discuss the eco-credentials of our products, please email our expert sales team at

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