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How to protect a timber gate from sun damage

Even during poor summers in the UK, UV levels are high enough to damage a timber gate. Here we look at ways to treat timber gates and protect them from the sun and how to nurture them back to health once the damage has been done.

Having invested in a new garden gate, it pays to protect it before the sun has time to damage it. Even though all our gates at Witham Timber are manufactured from pressure treated soft wood, there are additional steps that can be taken.

How to protect a new timber gate from sun damage

Our garden gates are pressure treated for protection against insect infestation and rotting but over time, environmental conditions such as rain and UV rays will reduce the effectiveness of the pressure treatment and the treatment will need to be replaced. With new gates, treating the timber with a preservative followed by paint or varnish will give immediate added protection. Protek Wood Stain and Protector will weatherproof and add colour in just one coat and is UV and weather resistant; for a natural finish to your garden gate, Protek Wood Stain and Protector in Pale Sage mimics the natural colour of the timber. Shed and Fence Wood Treatment can also be applied to new, pressure treated timber gates and is a safe alternative to creosote, with excellent green credentials. If you prefer not to stain or paint your gate, an application of wood oil or decking oil will protect against water damage.

How to restore a sun damaged timber gate

As timber ages and dries out, it takes on a silver/grey hue. Before any steps are taken to restore the gate’s timber, it is important to clean it thoroughly. Brush away any accumulated dirt or moss and mould, and wash with soapy water. Once the gate is completely dry, a proprietary wood reviver and restorer can be applied to the surface of the gate, following the manufacturer’s directions. Rinse the wood reviver off and then follow the same steps for protecting a new gate (above).

Useful information when protecting timber gates

Timber garden gates MUST be clean before any treatments or paint/stain is applied. Washing with soapy water is sufficient but if any grease remains, wipe the gate down with white spirit.

Wooden gates MUST be completely dry before treatment, so leave for several days to give any moisture in the timber time to evaporate.

Avoid painting or treating timber garden gates if frost or rain is forecast within the following 48 hour period.

If your timber gate has become too damaged to save, our range of gates has something for everyone, including gates that match our decorative fence panels, cottage gates and traditional 5 bar gates. Contact us on 01205 359188 or by email at and our friendly and experienced sales team will talk through options for a replacement gate, as well as our bespoke service.

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