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Installation and maintenance of TREX decking

Composite decking is a popular alternative to traditional timber. Here, we look at how to install Trex composite decking and how to maintain it after installation.

The debate over composite decking Vs timber decking has been ongoing since the first composite products were launched and our recent blog article discussed which is best. However, for those who have chosen the composite route, how easy is it to install and how do you maintain it? At Witham Timber, we stock Trex Composite Decking, the world’s market leader who created this innovative product.

How to install Trex composite decking

Since its creation, Trex decking has become easier to install, as the company has made changes to its hardware over the years. Today the Trex fastening system makes it as easy to install as timber decking and, with the correct tools and safety measures in place, an experienced DIY enthusiast can install a simple home project, following the Trex easy to follow, step-by-step guides.

Having been refined since production first began, Trex deck boards now have a realistic timber appearance, with two grain pattern options and a range of colour variations. Before installation, it is recommended to lay the boards out and arrange them to achieve a complementary combination of tones. How you arrange the various tones, will dictate the patterning that will appear.

Always consider safety measures before the installation! Safety glasses and a dust mask are essential, as are strong, protective gloves. Long sleeved tops or tee-shirts are preferable to protect your arms.

If your decked area will feature any type of lighting, ensure that all necessary wiring is carried out prior to installing the decking. Likewise, where a permanent feature is to be included in the decked area, for example a fire pit, seek advice before installing it.

To ensure a square edge to Trex deck boards, cut both ends before installation. When installing the boards, leave a gap between them; the gap should be width to width and end to end, and will facilitate drainage and allow for any expansion or contraction of the boards during extreme temperatures.

How to clean Trex composite decking

Contrary to popular belief, composite decking is NOT maintenance-free and does require regular maintenance, albeit very little, to keep it in optimum condition. Keeping your decking at its best can be achieved simply through regular cleaning, which should start immediately post installation. 

Early Trex decking will require cleaning with a specialist composite deck cleaner but the new, high performance Trex Enhance and Trex Transcend need nothing more than soap and water, and perhaps a gentle pressure wash. Remove dirt and debris regularly to avoid a buildup, by using a soft brush or a hose on a gentle setting. More stubborn dirt can be removed with a pressure washer with a fan attachment and soap dispenser, but it is recommended that any pressure washer be less than 3100 psi.

If you live in a hard water area, be careful to minimise staining to the surface of the decking, caused by the water’s mineral deposits. Any water marks can be removed with white vinegar and then rinsed with soft water. If there is no access to soft water, dry the decking once the white vinegar has been rinsed off.

Just like timber decking, composite decking can fall foul of mould and mildew attack, particularly if dirt and pollen that mould spores will feed on, are not removed. If you do notice mould growing, simply use soapy water and a soft brush to remove it.

Trex Composite Decking at Witham Timber

At Witham Timber, we supply the Trex Enhance Basic and Enhance Natural ranges, as well as the Trex Transcend range, to suit all budgets. With a choice of colours across all three ranges, there is something for everyone, and all ranges come with a 25-year limited residential warranty and a 25-year fade and stain warranty. Our Trex fixings include everything needed to install a Trex deck, with starter and finishing clips, decking clips and coloured screws.

For all your enquiries regarding any of the Trex range, or to discuss your next composite decking project, email us at or call our experienced sales team on 01205 359188 for a friendly chat.

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