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What is a 5-bar gate and what you need to install one

Our latest guide looks at the perennially popular 5 Bar Gate and what you need to hang one.

What is a 5-bar gate?

A 5-bar gate is a wide gate, traditionally made from wood, which is constructed from five horizontal bars with one or two further bars going from corner to corner. There are variations on the strictly traditional style of 5 bar gate, which include estate gates, equestrian gates and 5 bar field gates.

What are 5 bar gates used for?

Versatile and adaptable, 5 bar gates can be used in any combination of singles or pairs to suit all sizes of opening. This makes them incredibly popular as both entrance gates and field gates and they are often found on residential driveways and in equestrian settings.

5 bar gates from Witham Timber

At Witham Timber, our range of 5 bar gates is made in the UK by highly skilled craftsmen. The gates are manufactured from kiln-dried softwood and are pressure-treated after completion for the longest lifespan possible. Our 5 bar gates include the St. George, the Horned Estate and the Equestrian.

Wooden 5 Bar Gate – St. George

The most traditional in appearance of our range, the St. George features 5 horizontal bars and four further bars that form diamond bracing across the horizontals; the diamond bracing features stainless steel fixings and is mounted into the top dome bar for extra strength and stability. This best-selling gate can be hung as either a left- or right-hand gate and can be made to measure in widths from 3 feet up to 12 feet.

Wooden Gate - Horned Estate  

A magnificent looking gate, the Horned Estate is crafted from Scandinavian, kiln-dried, pressure treated softwood that has been specially selected with fewer knots to give a more stable gate.  The gate is available to hang left- or right-handed and has detailed chamfering to the stiles, top bar and rails. Choose from widths up to 12 feet to suit your requirements.

Wooden Gate – Equestrian

The tallest of our 5 bar gates, the Equestrian is 5 feet tall and features heavy-duty top and bottom rails as standard. Its universal design allows it to be hung from either end and robust diamond bracing, with vertical pales for added strength, makes this gate robust and durable enough for equestrian use. Handmade to order, the Equestrian is available in widths from 3 feet to 12 feet.

All our gates can be made to bespoke sizes to suit your specific requirements and they can also be crafted from hardwood timber too. If automation is required, please contact our specialist staff for more details.

How to hang a 5-bar gate

Decide which way you want your gate to swing; usually gates open inwards to the property, a particular consideration where the gate is the enclosure to an area with animals, to avoid it opening and allowing the animals to escape. Where gates form the entrance to your property and are next to a road, the gate cannot, by law, open outwards if it will obstruct the road at any time. Once you have established this, you will be able to choose either a left or a right hanging gate.

Ensure there is enough clearance between the bottom of the gate and the ground. If installing new gateposts, ensure you select the correct size so they are strong enough to support the weight of the gate. Our pyramid top wooden gate post is 2.4m long, sufficient for most 5 bar gates across level ground, and allowing for 760mm in the ground. A 175 x 175mm post is large enough for gates up to 12 feet and our 150 x 150mm posts will carry gates up to 6 feet wide.

Gate hinges and latches

At Witham Timber, we sell a ranges of hinges suitable for all gates, with our hook and band sets being suitable for use with 5-bar gates. The entire range is hot dip galvanized for maximum protection against bad weather.

Hanging gates requires some experience and skill but can be achieved by a keen DIY-er. However, at Witham Timber, we recommend that if you are not completely confident, you should instruct an approved gate installer to carry out the work. Our highly experienced staff can advise you on all aspects of your new gate, from sizing and hinges to fastenings and installation and can also discuss any bespoke requirements you may have. Contact us on 01205 359188 or by email at and we will be happy to help.

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