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Panel - Closeboard

Our Closeboard - or Feather Edge - Fence Panels are the heaviest duty panels that we make and sell. The panels are fully framed for maximum strength and screwed together - with only galvanised ring shank nails used on the boards.

All our Fence Panels are pressure treated. If you decide to compare our panels with other suppliers - make sure that the panels are fully framed, pressure treated, screwed together and nailed with galvanised ring shank nails. We do not make the cheapest closeboard panel you will find - but you will be hard pushed to find a better constructed, stronger closeboard panel.

Because we pressure treat our feather edge boards and battens prior to assembly, there is no need to paint or stain our panels

We always recommend either a timber gravel board or a concrete gravel board be used to lift the panel away from ground contact - this will extend the lifespan of the panel even more! Our panels are designed to fit tightly into the slotted concrete posts to prevent the panel rattling in high wind. Please ensure you allow at least 600mm (2 feet) in the ground with your fencing posts.

The timber comes from sustainable resources and is graded prior to manufacture in our factory to ensure the best quality for the best price. We make these panels on our own custom designed and built panel making machines. This means we get to see every board BEFORE it goes into a panel. If it is not good enough - it will not go into the panel.

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