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Shed and Fence Wood Treatment

A time tested favourite, our Shed and Fence Wood Treatment is a quick-drying, waterproof wood stain that is long lasting and can be applied to planed, or finished timber, as well as rough sawn pieces.

Available in many attractive colours, our treatment can be easily applied by brush, or low pressure sprayer. This product is a safe alternative to Creosote with good eco-credentials, and being water-based means that it is easy to clean up with warm water and detergent, negating the need for white spirit or paint stripping solutions.

Our Shed and Fence Wood Treatment has very low VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and virtually no odour, making it the ideal choice not only for fencing and sheds but all types of animal housing from chicken coups to kennels.

Shed and Fence is an economical wood stain offering great coverage at up to 12m2 per litre per coat. For fencing one coat will colour and weather-proof with a second coat deepening the shade. For sheds it is recommended that two coats be applied for the first treatment, with only one coat needed for future maintenance.

Ideal for:

  • Fencing
  • Trellis
  • Sheds, Summerhouses, and Children’s Play Areas
  • Pergolas
  • Planters
  • Garden Furniture
  • Animal Housing such as Kennels, Coups, and Aviaries

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