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Wood Stain

Shed and Fence Wood Treatment – Wax additives create a water-resistant wood treatment which enhances the natural beauty of timber. A cost-effective wood stain which, unlike many competitor brands, can be applied to both planed (finished) and rough sawn timber. Shed and Fence is our basic economy range that offers great coverage and is of a thin, watery consistency that is easily brush painted, or sprayed. It is easy to clean up and harmless to pets and plants, making it ideal for animal housing such as chicken coops, dog kennels, and stables. For fencing, one coat will colour and weather-proof with a second coat deepening the colour and extending the lifespan of your timber further.

Wood Stain and Protector – A multi-purpose, versatile wood stain that coats, colours and protects. Our Wood Stain and Protector creates a micro-porous coating that contains a mould inhibitor, it is quick-drying, and very low in odour. This stain works beautifully with garden sprayers to speed up all of those big jobs. For fencing, one coat will colour and weather-proof with a second coat deepening the colour and extending the lifespan of your timber further.

Our Wood Stain and Protector can even be used on terracotta and masonry!

Decking Stain – Formulated using a new generation resin, our Decking Stain adheres to the timber substrate, creating a strong bond which ensures the coat is tougher, and less prone to cracking or peeling than traditional stains. Its resin rich additives make it both flexible and hard-wearing with a high colour concentration.


Although the pictures shown are an accurate representation of the wood stain, there are a number of factors which will affect the final colour.

The type and condition of your timber will affect the final colour:

  • Light colours and clear coatings applied to pressure treated timber will be affected by the green hue of the treatment
  • If colours are applied to dark, weathered timber the stain will look darker than when applied to fresh, light softwood
  • These are high-build wood stains; if more than two coats are applied the colour will be more intense
  • If wood stains are applied on the top of old coatings, the colour of the old coating will influence the top coat colour

When viewing colours on a computer, tablet, or phone screen, the colours are affected by VDU interpretation and calibrated pre-sets, and even the type of device you’re using (Mac vs. PC). Graphics cards and software packages will also influence colour representation.

These pictures are created as a guide for colour selection only and may differ from the final product.

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