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How to repair a broken fence

Wood fencing is exposed to risks from our great British weather plus rot, insects, children and pets! If a fence has become damaged, it isn’t always necessary to replace the entire fence. We look at how to repair the different elements of a timber fence.

Wooden fencing consists of vertical fence posts, horizontal fence rails and fence boards or fence pickets. Fence posts typically become damaged at ground level if they haven’t been treated, while the lowest rails and the bottom of panels can become damaged when plants are grown in close contact with them which can trap moisture against the wood, leading to rotting.

How to repair a broken fence post

Determine how the fence post has become damaged – is it broken or has it simply become loose in its hole? If the latter, removing the old concrete as much as possible and replacing with postcrete will secure the post. Where the post has broken, there are different methods that can be used to repair and reinforce it.

Concrete repair spurs

Dig down along the rear of the broken post to a depth of 2 feet; this will allow the concrete repair spur to have as much above ground as below to give the maximum and strongest support to the post. The spur can be bolted to the fence post using 200mm galvanised bolts or heavy-duty joist screws. Once the spur has been fixed to the post, fill in the hole with postcrete.

Metal repair spurs

Where a fence post has broken at ground level, the metal repair spur can be driven into the part of the post still encased in concrete in the ground, using a driving tool. The upper part of the fence post can then be inserted onto the repair spur and secured with the retaining bolts.

Repairing a broken fence rail with fencing battens

A damaged or broken horizontal fence rail can potentially bring about the entire fence coming down, if left unchecked. It is preferable to replace the rail to maintain the integrity and strength of the fencing, but where this is not possible, or as a temporary repair until it is, use a fencing batten to reinforce the stretch of rail that is damaged. The batten should be secured with galvanised nails or screws.

Repairing a broken fence panel

The way a timber fence is constructed makes it an easy task for two people to replace an individual panel that has been damaged. Once the damaged panel has been removed, simply attach the replacement panel to timber fence posts or slot it into concrete fence posts.

Wood is prone to damage from rotting so when repairing or replacing any part of your timber fencing, always choose pressure-treated products as the process of applying preservatives to the wood gives the most rot-resistant timber. All our timber fence components are manufactured from pressure treated wood sourced form sustainable forests. Once repairs have been carried out, apply a coat of wood stain and protector or shed and fence wood treatment.

Examine your fencing at least yearly, and take action as soon as possible to avoid widespread damage. Our experts are on hand to help and advise on any fencing issues and can be contacted on 01205 359188 or at

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